DaZhou (大洲) Elementary School introduction


DaZhou is an elementary school located in San-sing Township near Luodong. San-sing is a subtle yet charming part of Yilan County that is known for its farms and open air. The San-sing Flower Sea, Luodong Forestry Culture Park, Luodong Sports Park, the Spring Onion Culture Museum, Changpi Lake, and other beautiful scenic areas are just a short drive away from DaZhou’s campus.  



The campus is a beautiful and concise property with open air classrooms that surround a magnificent courtyard. Surrounding the campus are rice farms and mountains that never cease to amaze with their beauty. The campus has a open-air gymnasium were students play basketball, rollerblade, and participate in all manner of activities.



DaZhou is best known for its top basketball team which plays in many tournaments across Yilan and in Taipei. They also have a diabolo club, music club, dragon-dancing club, and other extracurricular activities for students to participate in.



Best of all, DaZhou has a welcome, supporting environment with close collaboration between teachers, administrators, and parents. They are richly ingrained in the community and offer reciprocating support with the broader community. The students are upbeat and happy, ready to learn and eager to welcome new faces at school.